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TrustGuru is your digital solution for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. Our tool generates, customizes, updates documents, provides training, and guides you through necessary actions.

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Avoid falling into the penalty statistics! Ever since GDPR came into effect, Europe has witnessed a significant wave in penalties. Don't let this be you – learn more here.

Growth of penalties for non-compliance with GDPR

GDPR is Constantly Evolving

In the past few years alone, we've seen four major changes that every business in Europe has had to adapt to.

2023 June

Prepared recommendation on the safe use of mobile apps

2023 May

Right to compensation for damages reinforced

2023 March

Guidelines for employees and employers on the protection of personal data in the context of employment relationships extended

2023 January

Update on the collection of biometric and genetic data

Our Solution

TrustGuru clients can have peace of mind knowing their company meets all GDPR requirements and are promptly informed about the latest changes.

Customized for Each User

During the digital audit, you'll answer questions that allow the system to select only the TrustGuru features you need and customize documents accordingly.

Simple and Easy

Our in-system GDPR guide provides instructions and assists in effortlessly carrying out mandatory data protection processes.

Adapting to Changes and Ongoing Support

In the event of changes to GDPR regulations or your business processes, you'll be able to easily adjust, with timely notifications about updates.

GDPR Documents

Company process-compliant documents that are automatically updated as changes occur within your business or in the regulations.


Functions are tailored to your company's needs after filling out a questionnaire.

Documentation and Updates

Records of your company's personal data processing activities

GDPR documents tailored to your company's processes

Document updates in response to changes in GDPR

Video surveillance notification instructions and documents

Consent and Notification Management

System for collecting consents from employees and candidates

Electronic introduction of employees to prepared GDPR documents

Informing patients about the handling of their personal data

Regular video training

Data Protection Process Management

Handling of data protection breaches

Management of personal data requests

Management of data processing agreements with suppliers


Personalized website privacy policy

Social media documentation

Direct marketing documents

Loyalty program documents

Notification of telephone conversation recording


Simple and clear - you pay once a year.

Monthly Plan


35€/ monthly


Selects only necessary features and helps identify threats

GDPR Guide

Instructions for ensuring GDPR compliance and progress tracking

Ongoing System Support

GDPR documentation updates

Annual Plan

348€ + VAT for 12 months of service

29€/ monthly


Selects only necessary features and helps identify threats

GDPR Guide

Instructions for ensuring GDPR compliance and progress tracking

Ongoing System Support

GDPR documentation updates

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We ensure easy and fast GDPR compliance and support, so if we don't meet your expectations within 30 calendar days - we'll refund your money.

You can try our tool without any risk. Register for a meeting and we will introduce you to the system and answer any questions you may have.


Find out what others think about TrustGuru.

Vilnius, Lithuania, February 2022

„It's very easy to use. No technological or legal skills are needed. Everything can be done within an hour, and help is always available if questions arise.“

Marina Gatijatullina

Director of Ortdentika

Klaipeda, Lithuania, March 2022

„TrustGuru helped us meet our data protection requirements quickly

Dovilė Aurylė

Dentist at Codantis

Justinas Jurkonis

Managing Partner at „Linden, Professional Association of Advocates”

„As instrumental contributors to the development of the TrustGuru tool, we oversee its legal aspects. We can unequivocally vouch that TrustGuru provides robust GDPR compliance for healthcare institutions.“




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